No matter how good a picture is, it’s still just a static picture. With animated GIFs, you can bring your product to life in a number of ways.

Our animated GIFs are sharable, they’re insanely fun on-site and they’re super different. As opposed to video, GIF’s can be shot and shared in a stop-motion format very quickly on-site as there’s no need for lengthy processing time.

Leveraging GIFs for brands is extremely popular on Twitter, and our sharing system allows posting of the links on facebook to link back to the animated gif. We can also instantly convert our GIFs to MP4 for playing on Facebook and Instagram.

With animated GIFs,
you can bring
your product to life

Veuve Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot wanted to create a sharable photo experience that was as premium as the brand reputation of Veuve.

Veuve gif analytics
medibank animated gif polite in public


genbetter hashtag gif

Activating at both the 2014 and 2015 Australian Open of Tennis, the Medibank Genbetter activity shot three photos in quick succession of guests hitting a tennis ball at pace.

Mid City

As a sponsor of Vogues Fashion Night Out, Mid City had Polite In Public create lively animated GIFs for shoppers as they roamed the centre.

mid city fashion night gif
midcity animated gif four people
Mobile friendvu Animated Gif midcity