Custom Set Builds

We don’t just do traditional photo booths – we can incorporate our hardware into any existing build, or work with clients to create custom sets and installations. We’ve integrated photo, video and GIF capture systems into custom builds for one-off events, ongoing campaigns and large scale experiential activations at the Australian Open, The Grand Prix and racing carnivals around the country.

Working within a larger build (or even a tiny wall cavity), we can install cameras, printers, lighting and touchscreens to ensure the consumer journey is seamless from start to finish. Photos, GIFs and videos are shared instantly, while we collect valuable consumer data and track online sharing.

If you’re working on a trade expo or bespoke activation and would prefer we design and build the set entirely – just let us know, we can do that too! We love unique projects, we can play outdoors, we can shoot from the sky, underwater, at the snow or on the run. Our technology is built to work in any environment, weird briefs are our favourites and never say no to an experiential challenge!


Case Studies

Australian Open

As any Melbournite knows, January is all about the Australian Open – and Emporium Melbourne kicked off 2017 with a

IBM Photo Studio at Pause Fest 2018

Custom Photo Studio Installation in Melbourne Melbourne, 2018. Here at Polite in Public, we love a challenge! When George P.

KIA GIF Booth at the Australian Open

The PIXTA Pod: creating excitement off-court with GIFs Melbourne, 2018. Ah the Australian Open; crazy fans, sweltering hot days and