What's included in the package?

In a nutshell our standard package includes:

  • 3 hours of booth operation
  • 2 professional operators
  • Unlimited 4 x 6 ” glossy prints
  • Custom photo design
  • Digital copy of all photos taken

How many people can you fit in the booth?

We can comfortably fit 5 people in the booth, but can accommodate up to 10 persons.

What are your bump-in and out timings?

We require two (2) hours to bump-in (immediately prior to shoot), and approximately 30-45 mins to bump-out (immediately post shoot).

Do you have the option of photo strips or is it always the 4 x 6 inch single photo layout?

Unfortunately we don’t strictly offer photo strips, however we can include up to four (4) photos on the one 4 x 6″ print (divided into 4 sections).

Can we include our names on the prints?

Yes, we generally include the bride & groom’s names and date of their wedding, and we can also integrate the wedding invite into the design.

How many prints do we get?

The package includes unlimited prints – every person in the photo will receive a copy.

Will I get a copy of all photos?

Yes we’ll send you a link the next business day containing all the photos for batch download.

Is there only 1 background option for the day?

We have hundreds of stock printed backgrounds to choose from, but if you want guests to be able to choose from multiple backgrounds we can superimpose them using our green screen technology.

Are photos printed instantly?

Yes printing takes roughly 8 – 10 seconds from the time the photo is taken.

How big is the booth?

We ideally require a 3m x 3m footprint (and a dedicated 10amp power outlet nearby).

What kind of props do you bring?

We tailor our prop kits to suit the specific theme of your wedding. If you have any specific requests we can do our best to source. You’re also welcome to bring your own props too.

Do you provide your services outside of Sydney?

Yes we provide our services in all regions of Australia however a small travel fee applies.

How does you social media function work?

All photos are delivered to guests via email straight after their photo is taken – they are then redirected to our Friend.VU web sharing portal where they can view and share their photo instantly from the event.