Multi frame allows clients to shoot various frames and add them together in a final image, GIF or even video. Use existing creative such as branding or messaging, take before and after shots or create images that stand out in the cluttered social media landscape by using transparency and other unique effects.

Stand out in the cluttered social media landscape

Anytime fitness Multi frame 2


Project Name
Project Type
Anytime Fitness
Multi-frame green screen photo activation
Running over three days at the Melbourne Convention Centre, Anytime Fitness wanted to create a set at the trade show that reflected the Anytime ethos of being open to everyone, anytime. Our creative team designed a two-shot, multi-frame photo concept that had daytime on one side and evening on the other. Users on-site posed twice for their photo, which super-imposed them instantly onto an Anytime gym floor. Coupled with bespoke props including dumbbells, guests found the green screen concept incredibly engaging and loved the takeaway prints and SMS sharing. The total campaign collected 500 sets of unique data and had almost 25,000 impressions.


Project Name
Project Type
General Pants
Multi Frame Photo booth
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Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. Having fun with the “before” and “after” concept, we created a “Before Sale” and “After Sale” booth for users to pose in. Shoppers at Vogue Fashion Night Out in Sydney had fun with the in-store concept, with our staff collecting over 230 unique sets of data over 3 hours and reaching almost 12,000 total impressions. The branded photo micro site we provided included a rotating product GIF that had over 24 conversions direct to the General Pants sale site.