Open Air Photobooth

At Polite in Public, we believe in taking photos people love. We believe in creating the most unforgettable moment a fan will ever have with your brand – and sharing it instantly with hundreds of their closest friends.

By simulating studio-quality photography environments with our open-air photo booths and developing the most advanced post-processing retouching technology, we’ve found the secret of social media: people share what they love.

Our open air photo booths aren’t just fun, but flexible. Our studio equipment can be retrofitted into existing builds or we can conceptualise, fabricate and deliver bespoke solutions. We love unique projects, we can play outdoors, we can shoot from the sky, underwater, at the snow or on the run. Our technology is built to work in any environment.

Not sure what you need to amplify your next event? A takeaway should be sexy, original and interactive. A Polite in Public photobooth ticks all the boxes: photo, video, GIF, graphics, special effects, greenscreen, animation, selfies, social media sharing, prints, backgrounds, live streams, props and more. Most importantly, all content is processed immediately onsite, ready to send and share instantly. What’s not to love?

Invite us to your next brand activation, event or private party and let us make your guests – and your brand – look great.