At Polite in Public, we believe in taking photos that people love. We believe in creating the most unforgettable moment a consumer will ever have with your brand – and sharing it instantly with hundreds of their closest friends.

By simulating studio-quality photography environments with our open-air photo booths and developing the most advanced post-processing retouch technology, we’ve found the secret of social media: People share what they love.

The secret to social media? People share what they love

DKNY photobooth setup

Case Studies


Project Name
Project Type
Open Air Photo booth


Lipton Winter Festival was a national campaign that brought ice-rinks into urban areas. We created a VIP booth to capture guests at their coldest. Posing with custom props, we used software to overlay a snow and ice effect to make it look like people were in the snow.

lipton tea winter festival
Lipton tea winter festival girls
Lipton tea winter festivals two girls