Social Sharing Software

Polite in Public pioneered our instant social sharing platform – Friend.VU – in the USA way back in 2006. Today, the content sharing system, workflow and speed is at the top of its game.

Put simply, a guest has an onsite interaction with your brand which is captured using photo, GIF or video. Within seconds, our onsite digital kiosks display that captured branded moment, and consumers select and enter their mobile number and/or email for instant delivery. The SMS and email content is fully customisable and can include hashtags or additional key messaging relating to the activation or campaign.

Once opened, social sharing buttons connect the user to their own Facebook, Instagram and other social channels – posting the branded content onto their own feed in just a couple of clicks. In the background, Polite in Public’s social tracking system is registering all the likes, comments, shares and ad clicks so that we can provide detailed reporting of online ROI post campaign.

The Friend.VU platform itself is completely brandable and customisable – we can enable or disable specific sharing toggles, include brand social feeds and ‘Like’ buttons, integrate photo galleries, promote competitions and direct fans to other destinations like brand webpages and competition entry forms.

We also have a bunch of other ways to share and provide content to fans – if you’ve got your own request, just ask us!