Here at Polite in Public we have the ability to apply custom special effects to any photo, live and on the spot. In addition to our instant airbrushing, we can make you look like you’re coming alive in a comic book or part of a vintage photo shoot. Some of the effects we can do include:

  • Apply vintage filters
  • Isolate and flip or rotate the subject
  • Isolate and manipulate colour values
  • Apply custom patterns to subjects
  • Apply different rendering styles (linework, brushwork, etc.)
  • … and many more!

The levels of customisation on our special effects are almost endless, and we can create near any combination you can think of, so talk to us about how we can cater to your needs!

Halftone: Spot Colour on White

Square Format & Designer Patterns

Square Format & Grunge Sketch

Classic Vintage

Square Format, B/W Subject vs. Coloured Design Elements

Panoramic Multiple Exposures