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Polite In Public

2006, downtown Los Angeles. Facebook announced to the world that a valid email address meant you could join its growing social network of 50 million users. Brands were scrambling to understand how to reach and engage with this rapidly expanding audience. It was Camel Cigarettes of all companies, tired of languishing on the fringes of legal advertising for years, who embraced things first and went viral, using Polite in Public to photograph a sponsored music roadshow.

So it’s true, Polite in Public was born taking photos of rockstars smoking. Sure. But a decade on, Facebook has 2.2 billion active users, and we’re still creating the most innovative photographic and visual content for brands, live, at events. Using photo booths, video booths or GIF booths, our social software allows users to share branded content organically to Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat – a polite way to advertise. This is our work.


What We Do Best

Open Air Photobooth

We believe in creating the most unforgettable moment a fan will ever have with your brand - and sharing it instantly with hundreds of their closest friends.

GIF Booths

With a Polite in Public animated GIF booth, you can bring your product to life in a number of ways and let fans show off ALL their best poses.

Video Booths

Bored of photos and GIFs? Step it up a notch with a Polite in Public videobooth or a custom video set. Or try as slow motion videobooth.

Custom Set Builds

We don’t just do traditional photo booths - we can incorporate our hardware into any existing build, or work with clients to create custom photo booth sets and video installations.

180 Time Arc Photobooth

180 degree gif booths and photo-booths. Bullet time is a visual effect or visual impression of detaching the time and space of a camera from that of its visible subject.

360 Revolver Photobooth

A new level in bespoke experiential photography, Revolver uses 24 to 50 DSLR cameras to simultaneously capture a single moment in time from every angle.

Greenscreen Photography

Create any scene imaginable – from sitting in the desert for a Breaking Bad premiere to standing on Mars with the Qantas Rover.

Hashtag Printer

All about Instagram? Not sure if your audience ever posts on FB and confident they wouldn’t be seen dead on Twitter?

Roaming Photography

Great GIFs, perfect pictures, viral videos. PIXTA is the world’s most versatile content-branding app for brands, marketers and event managers.

Live Feed

Take your photo activation to the next level by instantly streaming content to attract fans to the area or showcase what’s been snapped throughout the day.

Social Sharing Software

Polite in Public pioneered our instant content sharing platform - Friend.VU - in the USA way back in 2006.

Video Booth Vignettes

Polite in Public’s new Video Vignettes are pretty breathtaking. Short, slow-motion captures of evocative moments - shared instantly to social.

360 Photobooth

Sydney, 2017. When Specsavers and Kylie Minogue got together to create a new range of eyewear, they called us to help launch it in style! On a night like this (well, afternoon…) we knew we had to bring out the big guns. Together they have created glasses that looks amazing from every angle – and we captured them with our 360 bullet time rig, the Revolver!

The Revolver is a 360-degree photo-booth that captures a single moment in time from every angle. Branded content, instantly sharable at your events.

Want to know more?

Better Brand Engagements

Polite in Public Photo-booths originated in 2006 and is a leading international agency dedicated to creating innovative photographic content for brands, live, at events. Since then, we’ve grow to be housed under the umbrella brand, Polite Social.

Polite Social includes photo-app PIXTA, the world’s most popular content branding app for brands and marketers.

Polite Promotions, Australia’s premium activation staffing agency – helping make your brand engagements better.

And lastly, Polite Projects, our turn-key brand activations company specialising in experiential, driven by social insight. With our HQ based in Sydney, we service Australia-wide. We also have offices in the USA, Canada and Hong Kong.